Hello & Welcome!

My name is Karyna Boese and I am a bilingual (Spanish) Graphic Designer.

Raised between South America & U.S.A., now living in California, U.S.A.

My 18+ years of experience as a designer have granted me a strong knowledge of printing production using diverse styles, colors & patterns.

I love to travel! Airplane, road trip, you name it, but every time I prepare myself and my family for a trip, I couldn’t find an affordable, good quality travel case for my needs - told myself Why not start my own brand!? So I did (11&20)!

Im very excited to introduce drumroll, please!



Eco-Friendly Travel Mugs, On-the-Go Bags, Travel Cases, Versatile Wristlet Bags, Travel Pouches & why not mix-n-match with Face Masks.

Thank you for stopping by !
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