Inspired by my love for travel since I was a little girl - Airplane, road trip, you name it. I believe when you travel, you’re exposed to different cultures, food, viewpoints, architecture, ways of living and much more. I think the nature of travel can help you get in tune with yourself and your passion... Here’s where Eleven&TWENTY Travel brand started - A Boutique Studio based in California, USA.

Use it for work, out and about, weekend getaway,
office, school, trips and much more.

I’m a Bilingual (Spanish) Graphic Designer Artist with 18+ years of experience with a strong knowledge of printing production using diverse styles, colors & patterns.
Raised between South America and the U.S.A, now based in California, U.S.A.


While designing for my brand, I'm also devoted to my own creative digital design services; 11&20 Digital Design Studio, focusing on illustration, graphics and branding.

Remember; wherever you go, go with all your heart… safe Travels!

Karyna Boese
Owner & Founder of 11&TWENTY Travel Brand
and 11&TWENTY Design Studio