The Girl

Bilingual (Spanish) Graphic Designer Artist.  Raised between South America & U.S.A., now based in California, U.S.A.

Her 18+ years of experience as a designer have granted her a strong knowledge of printing production using diverse styles, colors & patterns - For any style or taste: Mid-Century Modern, Eclectic, Shabby Chic, Modern, Rustic, Romantic, Contemporary & Traditional.

She also has contributed to various art and culture publications.

While she designs every day.

She also is devoted to her own

creative digital design services

She loves to travel! Airplane, road trip, you name it!
Every time she prepared herself and her family for a trip, she couldn’t find an affordable, good quality Eco-Friendly Travel items for her needs-that's when 11&20 Brand started.
Carefully selected ethical production and materials to ensure customer satisfaction to create On-the-Go Vegan Strap Urban Bag, Versatile Tessuto Vegan Strap Bag, Carry-all Pouch, Eco-Friendly Travel Mug & Face Masks for “our new normal”… Don’t forget to mix and/or match!

classy & thank you for stopping by!

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Karyna Boese
Owner of 11&20 Brand and 11&20 Design Studio

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